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06 March 2014


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Interesting. Do you know how he became familiar with your work? Are you often a topic in Baptist seminaries?

LeRon Shults

Hi Jeff, I'm not sure - I haven't met the author. I don't know about "often" but at least occassionally! "Some of my best frieds are baptists" ;)

Mike McLeod

Hey, LeRon, thanks for pointing me towards Joel Green. His suggestions were most helpful. Say, I haven't tracked with your latest writings and journey. Do you still consider yourself an"evangelical", or have you tracked in a different direction? I know you are hesitant with labeling.

LeRon Shults

Hi Mike, yes, you are right I am not much for labels, but in the common usage of the terms I can definitely say that I am no longer "evangelical" or even "Christian" or even "religious." In fact, I would call myself an "atheist" but I still consider myself a "theologian."

I would not be surprised if this surprises you, because my most recent publications have been mostly academic chapters and articles, not widely read. My new book "Iconoclastic Theology" (see link on right sidebar) clarifies the sense in which I prefer to use these terms and the arguments for my current position.

I plan to post a "sneak peak" in the blog on "the secretion of atheism" (see other link on right sidebar).

Mike McLeod

Thanks, LeRon. You are a brilliant and fascinating thinker! Calling yourself and "atheist" I will take that you are no longer a believer in the metaphysical reality of a Christian God. Correct me if I am wrong. I am looking forward to purchasing your book and carefully reading through it. All the best my Friend.

LeRon Shults

Thanks, Mike! Yes, you are right and well put - I no longer believe in that metaphysical reality, and the book helps to explain why. After you look it over, I'd love to hear what you think.

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